How to Built Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is one of human construction that can survive till thousands of years. Temple borobudur's shape is similar to the pyramids, but borobudur divided into 6 levels. Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist temple was built around the 8th century. be approximately 1200 years old already.

Borobudur temple is made of thousands of stone composition. But many experts are surprised by borobudur temple. how could a stone structure survived until thousands of years. The Secret of borobudur temple's construction remains unsolved until now. But according to residents around the temple of Borobudur, The structure borobudur temple's stone can survive till thousands of years because the structure of stones at the temple of borobudur is glued to each other only by using chicken eggs.

In fact, borobudur temple's structure was built with locking technique. so this technique called lock and key techniques. the principle of this technique is to shape the stones like a jigsaw puzzle.
Try to see the picture below !
Lock and key techniques

Although the fact says that this temple was built with lock and key techniques, but the public still believe that the eggs are still used to build the temple borobudur. But the public perception may be right. Because recent studies show that chicken egg contains a very strong adhesive. Until now, the technique of making borobudur temple's is still being a secret. Only 2 people in this world who know the secret the technique of making borobudur temple, they are Gunadharma (borobudur temple architect), and an expert from Latvia named Edward Leedskalninand