Frau, talented Litle Pianist from Indonesia

For most musicians, joined the big record companies are the best option to achieve peak performance. joined the major labels can facilitate musicians to achieve fame that would bring money very banyak. But, how about indie musicians? From Yogyakarta, a young girl began to pound the national indie music scene through the harmony chords electric piano. Frau, Frau, is a solo Indonesian Solo Pianist. She has impressed many underground music lovers.


Through some combination of piano performance with mime theater or art, frau can enchant indie music lovers.Even, Frau considered as a candidate for a new star rising. Frau is also sharing his music demo for free via Internet. For him, music is a hobby as well as the distribution of media form self-actualization, which can not be limited by the demands of the commercial business name

You can download one of Frau's song by click at here
Try to listen it, and feel enjoy