Phinisi, Indonesian Famous Traditional Ship

Indonesia is one of the largest maritime countries in the world. it would not be surprised if Indonesia has a lot of maritime cultural heritage. One of the most important maritime heritage of Indonesia is Phinisi. Phinisi is the most famous traditional boat from Indonesia. even pictures of this ship had drawn in one of the Indonesian paper money.

Phinisi boat is a traditional sailing boat from Indonesia, which originated from the Bugis and Makassar in South Sulawesi Tribe. These ships generally have two main masts and seven-screen, three front end, two in front and two behind. This ship is usually used for inter-islands transport of goods. Other information was an aircraft that uses this type of display screen schooner with two poles with seven strands of the screen that has a meaning that the ancestors of the Indonesian nation able to navigate the seven great oceans of the world.

30m Sailing Phinisi - Copyright 2008 - 2009 Michael Kasten -  Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

Phinisi has been used in Indonesia since several centuries ago. Historically, this ship was first created by a royal prince named Sawerigading Luwu, Sariwegading trying to make a sailing boat that big and strong to be used to sail the South China Sea in order to apply for china princess. According to the story, on his return to the archipelago, the ship was buffeted by big waves and make this ship split into three parts. Bugis society then combine the three parts of the ship and then the ship was named Phinisi

Price of a Phinisi can reach hundreds of million rupiah. This is because almost all parts of the ship made of wood and the production process also requires a lot of ceremonies once there is a company ritual.Bahkan ship Caribbean origin who bought this Phinisi ship up to 3 billion rupiah.