Unique Creations of Batik

After Batik confirmed as authentic cultural heritage by UNESCO in Indonesia on 2nd October 2009, Batik then became the new fashion. lots of things then given batik motif. Although in principle batik is used to make shirts or pants, but after 2nd October 2009, appeared many creative people who can give batik motif to make other goods.and it will become unique creation of batik.

There ara The following examples of the unique creations of batik:


Indonesian Player in Manchester United Squad

Manchester United is one of the best clubs in Europe and even the World. Manchester united have a lot of high-class players who come from various parts of the world. such as Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Luis Nani, Van der sar, etc.

and by the way,there is a indonesian player in Manchester united Squad. His name is Hanif Sjahbandi, His position as a defender, he was 13 years old, she inhabits U-14 squad for Manchester united Junior that trained by manchester united livin legend, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, And she also has entered the national team U-13 Indonesia

Sjahbandi Hanif was the pride of Indonesia and the potential future national team players of Indonesia,i hope he will become more advanced, and could become the primary choice of manchester united in the senior team later

source : http://sekedar-tahu.blogspot.com/2010/02/pemain-mnchester-united-junior-asal.html

Susi Susanti, Queen of Indonesian Badminton

Lucia Francisca Susi Susanti was born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, on February 11, 1971. He is a former Indonesian badminton player. with a relatively small body he combines quick and graceful movement with elegant shotmaking techniques, she regarded as one of the most successful badminton player in Indonesia. And sometimes her name is also spelled Susy Susanti.

She won the women's singles gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain and the bronze medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States. He retired from the world of badminton was not long after he was married to Alan Budikusuma who also won the gold medal in badminton single at the 1992 Olympics in February 1997.

Susanti was the most dominant singles player in the early to mid-1990 s, won the All England in 1990, 1991, 1993 and 1994, the World Badminton Grand Prix finals five times in a row 1990-1994, and the IBF World Championships in 1993 . He was the only female player to hold the Olympics, World Championships, and All-England singles titles simultaneously.

He won the Japan Open three times and the Indonesia Open five times. He also won a lot of Badminton Grand Prix Series events and five Badminton World Cup. He led the team victory over Indonesia eternal champion China in 1994 and 1996 Uber Cup (women of the world team) competition. All this occurred during the period of relatively strong in women's badminton. Its main competitor in the early prime is a Chinese player Tang Jiuhong and Huang Hua, and, later, China's Ye Zhaoying and Korean star Bang Soo-hyun.

Now, Susi Susanti served as indonesia badminton national team manager, Sometimes he also often provide training badminton for indonesian badminton junior team. He said that although he had stopped being a badminton player, he would still try to promote Indonesian badminton.

Susi Susanti's achievements :

* Gold Medal 1992 Summer Olympics
* Bronze Medal 1996 Atlanta Olympics
* Winners World Championship 1993
* All England Champion 1990, 1991, 1993, and 1994
* Champion World Badminton Grand Prix 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996
* Indonesia Open Champion 1989, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997
* 1993 Malaysia Open Champion, 1994, 1995, and 1997
* Japan Open Champion 1992, 1994, and 1995
* Winner Korea Open 1995
* Dutch Open Champion 1993
* Danish Open Champion 1991 and 1992
* Thailand Open Champion 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994
* Swedish Open Champion 1991
* China Taipei Open Champion 1991 and 1994
* Uber Cup Champion 1994 and 1996 (Tim Uber Cup Indonesia)

Kelimutu, Unique Lake with Three Different Color

Kelimutu is an active volcano that located on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The exact location of this mountain village Pemo, Sub Flores, Ende Regency. This mountain has three crater lakes on top. The lake is known as the Three Colors Lake because it has three different colors, namely red, blue, and white. Even so, the colors are always changing over time

The colors on the lake flores has the meaning of each and have the force of nature would have enormous. Blue lake or "Nuwa Tiwu Muri Koo Fai" is a gathering place for the souls of young people who have died. Red lake or "Tiwu Ata Polo" is a gathering place for the souls of those who have died and during her life is always a crime / sorcery. While white lake or "Tiwu Ata Mbupu" is a gathering place for the souls of parents who have died.

This Unique lake was found by Van Such Telen, a Dutch citizen, in 1915. Beauty known as Y. Bouman described in his writings in 1929. Since then the foreign tourists started to come enjoy the lake is known for being haunted for the local community. Those who come not just a lover of beauty, but also researchers who want to know the natural occurrence is very rare.

Morning is the best time to witness the beauty of the lake . Meanwhile, by mid-morning, let alone the late afternoon, usually a lake view would be obstructed by the fog. In addition to watch the lake Kelimutu, can also be witnessed by another natural beauty of National Parks Protection Forest Flores as a lot overgrown with pine and fir trees and twittering birds that inhabit the National Park area.

Kelimutu lake natural wealth is also supported by the cultural richness of traditional houses, traditional dances and weaving crafts that are characteristic of local residents. Also also, there are hot springs, waterfalls, and traditional villages. And If you want to visit there, the best time is between July and September.

Scorpions will hold a final concert in Indonesia

Scorpions is a very popular legendary band. I really want to watch the concert of scorpions. But until now, I've never seen their live concert,and altrough This band announced that they had disbanded on 24th January 2010, i still want to watch their live concert. and it turns out, my dream will came true.

Why ?

Because they will hold their closing concert in Indonesia. And more fun again, they will hold their concert in Magelang, the city where I live (magelang is a small city that the temple of Borobudur is located). Tommy Pratama, the number one in the Original Production, promising the Ultimate scorpions consert will be hold in Indonesia. exactly in Borobudur temple

scorpions members asked to hold their concert in Indonesia because they think Indonesia is a beautiful country and beautiful, making it suitable to conduct their concerts. especially in Asia, most of scorpions albums sold in Indonesia

Scorpions in concert titled''2010 World Tour Concert in Final Farewel The Earth''was, Klaus Meine (vocals), Matthias jabs (lead & rhythm guitar), Rudolf Schenker (rhythm & lead guitar), Pawel Maciwoda (bass), and James Kottak (drums, percussion) will give the best for fans

scorpions will bring a few songs on the album Lonesome Crow (1972), Fly to the Rainbow (1974), In Trance (1975), Virgin Killer (1976), Taken by Force (1977), Tokyo Tapes (1978 , live), Lovedrive (1979), and Animal Magnetism (1980). And the album Blackout (1982), Love at First Sting (1984), World Wide Live (1985, live), Savage Amusement (1988), Crazy World (1990), Face the Heat (1993), Live Bites (1995, live) , Pure Instinct (1996), Eye II Eye (1999), Moment of Glory (with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, 2000), Acoustica (2001, acoustic), Unbreakable (2004) to Humanity: Hour I (2007), and Sting in The Tail (2010).

But, the execution time has not been determined, it is because still waiting for negotiations between the organizers and management