Indonesia failed to host FIFA World cup 2022

Indonesia declared failed in the selection of election World Cup host in 2022 by FIFA, world soccer federation (FIFA) crossed the participation of Indonesia as the participants bidding for 2022 World Cup is considered not meet the established requirements.

Indonesia has been built around the 12 stadiums with international quality prepared to hold the 2022 World Cup games. Even when Jusuf Kalla was served as vice president, he promised to try to hold 2022 World Cup in Indonesia

as a country that has high interest in football, Indonesia was given the opportunity to hold the trophy, but what can I say. Indonesia had failed, yet if we are able to host, we are entitled to appear in the 2022 World Cup, because it was difficult for Indonesia to perform at the World Cup by qualification through.

PSSI secretary general Nugraha Besoes did not flinch when FIFA in Indonesia dropped its participation in the bidding implementation of World cup 2022. "I've heard that information. Now we're waiting for information from FIFA" she said as confirmed by Antara.

PSSI (Indonesian Football Federation) as the highest authority in Indonesian football is make every effort to pass on World Cup bidding process in 2022. However, there are several bidding participation requirement unfulfilled until the specified limit FIFA ends. In accordance with FIFA's decision, eligibility deadline for bidding is February 9, 2010

Indonesia dropped the participants bidding for 2022 World Cup because did not get the support and assurance from the government. Yet, support and assurance from the government is a condition that must be fulfilled.

Support from governments is needed, including the support of nine of the department, the Department of Immigration, Transportation, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Justice and Human Rights, Transportation, Culture and Tourism, Communications and Information, and the Department of Defense.

At the bidding stage, Indonesia is in stage 14 of the 19 stages that must be endured. After gathering support from the government that should last February 9, next to the assessment on 14 May. Bidding process is complete when FIFA decided the status of the host in December this year.

In the bidding, Indonesia should compete with 10 countries following the resignation of Mexico. Ten countries are Australia, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, the United States, Russia, Spain and Portugal, and Qatar.