Zaneta Naomi Sutrisna and Putri Ayu, Two Indonesian young singer in David Foster concert 'The Hitman Returns'

Zaneta Naomi Sutrisna and Putri Ayu | After orbit talented young singer from the Philippines, Charice, David Foster is now orbiting other talented young singer, not from the Philippines, but from Indonesia (maybe David Foster was hit by a Southeast Asia fever).

Zaneta Naomi Sutrisna and Putri Ayu, that's the name of two talented singers. They even invited by David Foster to participate at the David Foster and Friend 'The Hitman Returns' concert in Jakarta Plenary Hall a few days ago.

Zaneta Naomi Sutrisna
Zaneta Naomi Sutrisna

Zaneta and Putri Ayu is still 13 years old, but they have a beautiful and melodious voice, they've won many vocal competitions. And after attending a David Foster and Friend 'The Hitman Returns' concert in Jakarta, zaneta will participate in a vocal competition 'Born To Sing Asia', in this competition, the winner is chosen by David Foster. And the winner of this competition are entitled to participate in David Foster concert in Las Vegas.

Putri Ayu
Putri Ayu and David Foster

Javanese gamelan instruments

Gamelan is the name of a traditional musical instrument which comes from Java. Gamelan consists of many musical instruments, if the instruments were played together, it can produce beautiful music rhythm.

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Krakatoa eruption history

Krakatoa is a volcano located in the Sunda Strait (between the island of Java and Sumatra) indonesia. The volcano is very famous in the world because of the eruptions in 1883 referred to as one of the most devastating volcanic eruption of all time.

Before Krakatau erupted on August 26, 1883, was already there are signs that very clear, namely the existence of a thick rain of ash that blanketed the area around the surrounding Krakatau. Very thick ash rain is causing visibility to be very close, even daylight look like night because of this thick ash.

On 26 August 1883, Krakatoa erupted at last, and produces a very very powerful explosion. even the sound of Krakatau explosion heard up until Mauritius (about 3000 miles or 5000 km). The sound of explosions considered the loudest voice in the world.
Ilustration pic from Google

Krakatau eruption is very very powerful, Krakatau volcanic explosion was equivalent to the power of 400 megatonnes of TNT. For comparison, the power of nuclear explosions that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of 13-16 kiloton of TNT. And during the explosion, Mount Krakatau ejected no less than 21 km3 ash, rock, and pumice.

The explosion make the most of the earth into darkness because the earth covered by ashes that are released by the Mountain Krakatau.

Because of this explosion, reported more than 20,000 people died, and thousands more were injured, 165 villages were destroyed, 132 others damaged mess.

Komodo island accommodation

Komodo Island is one of the islands located in the Komodo national park, Flores Indonesia. As the name implies, the island is famous for his trademark animals, Komodo dragon. Komodo dragon can only be found in this island or on other islands around the Komodo island that are still located in the Komodo national park, That is why many tourists who come to visit this island.

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Vredeburg is a fortress that was built in 1765 by the VOC (Dutch trading group) in Yogyakarta during the colonial period. This historic building is located in front of the Great House (one of seven presidential palace in Indonesia). The fort was built by the VOC as a center of government and the defense of the Dutch governor. The fort is surrounded by a moat that can still be seen until now.


The fort is square shaped and has a monitor in the four corners of the tower. In the past, the Dutch troops often patrol around the walls.