How to Built Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is one of human construction that can survive till thousands of years. Temple borobudur's shape is similar to the pyramids, but borobudur divided into 6 levels. Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist temple was built around the 8th century. be approximately 1200 years old already.

Borobudur temple is made of thousands of stone composition. But many experts are surprised by borobudur temple. how could a stone structure survived until thousands of years. The Secret of borobudur temple's construction remains unsolved until now. But according to residents around the temple of Borobudur, The structure borobudur temple's stone can survive till thousands of years because the structure of stones at the temple of borobudur is glued to each other only by using chicken eggs.

In fact, borobudur temple's structure was built with locking technique. so this technique called lock and key techniques. the principle of this technique is to shape the stones like a jigsaw puzzle.
Try to see the picture below !
Lock and key techniques

Although the fact says that this temple was built with lock and key techniques, but the public still believe that the eggs are still used to build the temple borobudur. But the public perception may be right. Because recent studies show that chicken egg contains a very strong adhesive. Until now, the technique of making borobudur temple's is still being a secret. Only 2 people in this world who know the secret the technique of making borobudur temple, they are Gunadharma (borobudur temple architect), and an expert from Latvia named Edward Leedskalninand

The Largest Sundial in The World

Sundial is a clock that uses the sun shadow method to determine the time. sundial usually consists of a circle and the object in the middle of the circle. when the sun illuminates the object, then the shadow will fall into the circle. we can determine the time based on the position of the shadow falling objects.

during the time, people think that Stonehenge was the largest sundial in the world, but there sundial that larger than Stonehenge, there is Kota Baru Parahyangan's sundial. This clock was named as the largest sundial in Indonesia in 2002. and then also set as the largest sundial in the world.

These hours consist of a large room that serves as a pivot and also needle hour. in this room there is a museum of technology that can be visited freely by anyone. this sundial is located in Padalarang in west district of west bandung.

Indonesia Tourism is demand in Europe

A conducive political situation and the success of police stifle the perpetrators of terrorism assessed by the International Tourismus Borse participants 10 to 14 March in Berlin, Germany, as a guarantee that Indonesia is safe to visit. According to the Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik, European society began again glanced Indonesia as a tourist destination.

Indonesia's tourism minister said Indonesia had made some improvement tourist attraction. including in the field of hygiene, safety, and comfort for visitors tour Indonesia

Indonesia equality in this exhibition is supported by 80 entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. During the five-day exhibition, they capture the potential tourists, both individuals and groups. Overall, during the five-day exhibition, the Indonesian delegation had made a commitment of 149 thousand prospective European tourists. They will travel to Indonesia during this year. This achievement increases when compared to last year which earned just 78 thousands of tourists

In this exhibition, The Indonesian tourism ministery showing slides of the various indigenous cultures Indonesia

It also displayed the original traditions of Indonesia, in the form of embroidery. Demonstration and exhibition of this embroidered extraordinary attention from the visitors by trying to explore these traditions. In addition, the government also presented the Counter Indonesian Coffee coffee served to visitors.

Indonesia this year increased equality, a good number of entrepreneurs who participate or who rented the room. Overall, the design of the Pavilion of Indonesia is dominated by a bright color display photographs that illustrate the typical culture, such as the Prambanan Temple and the icons Bali.

Visitors are also treated to exhibitions of batik. This is expected to increasingly introduce batik to the international world

Indonesia failed to host FIFA World cup 2022

Indonesia declared failed in the selection of election World Cup host in 2022 by FIFA, world soccer federation (FIFA) crossed the participation of Indonesia as the participants bidding for 2022 World Cup is considered not meet the established requirements.

Indonesia has been built around the 12 stadiums with international quality prepared to hold the 2022 World Cup games. Even when Jusuf Kalla was served as vice president, he promised to try to hold 2022 World Cup in Indonesia

as a country that has high interest in football, Indonesia was given the opportunity to hold the trophy, but what can I say. Indonesia had failed, yet if we are able to host, we are entitled to appear in the 2022 World Cup, because it was difficult for Indonesia to perform at the World Cup by qualification through.

PSSI secretary general Nugraha Besoes did not flinch when FIFA in Indonesia dropped its participation in the bidding implementation of World cup 2022. "I've heard that information. Now we're waiting for information from FIFA" she said as confirmed by Antara.

PSSI (Indonesian Football Federation) as the highest authority in Indonesian football is make every effort to pass on World Cup bidding process in 2022. However, there are several bidding participation requirement unfulfilled until the specified limit FIFA ends. In accordance with FIFA's decision, eligibility deadline for bidding is February 9, 2010

Indonesia dropped the participants bidding for 2022 World Cup because did not get the support and assurance from the government. Yet, support and assurance from the government is a condition that must be fulfilled.

Support from governments is needed, including the support of nine of the department, the Department of Immigration, Transportation, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Justice and Human Rights, Transportation, Culture and Tourism, Communications and Information, and the Department of Defense.

At the bidding stage, Indonesia is in stage 14 of the 19 stages that must be endured. After gathering support from the government that should last February 9, next to the assessment on 14 May. Bidding process is complete when FIFA decided the status of the host in December this year.

In the bidding, Indonesia should compete with 10 countries following the resignation of Mexico. Ten countries are Australia, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, the United States, Russia, Spain and Portugal, and Qatar.

Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare by Nasution

As the people of Indonesia, you must be familiar with a general named Abdul Haris Nasution, the general who had led the division Siliwangi. He is one of Indonesia's best generals. He is a powerful figure, strong, full of spirit of nationalism, and has a brilliant brain. He is the author of the phenomenal book in the military world, "Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare"

In the Revolution of Independence I (1946-1948), when he led the Division Siliwangi, Nasution took the second lesson. People need to support the military. From this reason,was born the idea of guerrilla warfare as a form of people's war. This method is more mature after Nasution became the Commander of Java military division in the Revolution of Independence II (1948-1949).

therefore, he is known as a pioneer of the basic guerrilla war against the Dutch colonialism. Style of this war and then popularized by General Sudirman. The concept of guerrilla warfare was later published in a book that is phenomenal at that time, Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare.

now, the book Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare, has been translated into many languages, even the obligatory books of military academies in several countries, including the elite school for the military world, the West Point of the United States (U.S.).

and you know,one of the secrets of vietnamese victory when fighting against Americans is because the vietnamese army was learned this book.Now, this book is become a reference book of military schools around the world.

Ubud, The Best City in Asia

If anyone asks, where is the best city in asia? so, the best answer is Ubud. yes, ubud is the best city in asia. A small town in the district of Gianyar Bali has been crowned as the best city in Asia by Conde Nast Traveler magazine

"We are grateful and excited, Ubud selected as the best city of Asia with a score of 82.5 beat Bangkok, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, and Kyoto. But it also carries heavy consequences to organize the existing conditions, such as the chaos that occurred in which everywhere, "said the regent of Gianyar Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana at Puri Ubud Sukawati, Saturday (30 / 1) night.

Award was originally given directly by Chris Mitchell, vice president and publisher of Conde Nast Traveler. However, because unable to attend, then represented by the All Purwa, representatives of the Bali Tourism Board.

Ubud is known as the city of art and the most beautiful resort town on the island of bali.Mario Blanco, the son of the late master painter Antonio Blanco, hoping that in the future,ubud can be equivalent with paris. "for a long time, paris is known as the city of is the time to prove that Ubud also able to become a city of art" said Mario, who developed the Antonio Blanco Museum in Ubud.

ubud beat Bangkok that get score 82,2, Hongkong (81,3), Chiang Mai (80,9), dan Kyoto (80,2)

Frau, talented Litle Pianist from Indonesia

For most musicians, joined the big record companies are the best option to achieve peak performance. joined the major labels can facilitate musicians to achieve fame that would bring money very banyak. But, how about indie musicians? From Yogyakarta, a young girl began to pound the national indie music scene through the harmony chords electric piano. Frau, Frau, is a solo Indonesian Solo Pianist. She has impressed many underground music lovers.


Through some combination of piano performance with mime theater or art, frau can enchant indie music lovers.Even, Frau considered as a candidate for a new star rising. Frau is also sharing his music demo for free via Internet. For him, music is a hobby as well as the distribution of media form self-actualization, which can not be limited by the demands of the commercial business name

You can download one of Frau's song by click at here
Try to listen it, and feel enjoy

Indonesian national Football team new Coach

PSSI (Indonesian football federation) has selected a new coach for the national team. He is Alfred Riedl. Previously, Alfred Riedl has been the national coach Laos and Vietnam. Riedl chosen to replace Benny Dolo.

Although Benny Dolo's contracts have expired since last January. However, he maintained for the last fight against Australia in Asian Cup qualifying event then. It turned out that the ultimate fight, red and white squad lost 0-1. The defeat was complete the poor performance of Indonesia had never won in qualifying. As a result Indonesia failed to advance to the asia cup finals for the first time since 1996.

PSSI secretary general Nugraha Besoes ensure that contracted Riedl soon. "The agreement will be implemented," he said in Jakarta (4 / 3). but, he did not mention the value and duration of contact. Besides handling the senior team nasioanal, Riedl also refine U-23 national team of Indonesia.

In addition as coach Riedl, PSSI will find a technical director. PSSI has submitted proposals to the KNVB (Dutch Football Federation). The result handed KNVB Jozef Krol name. He is a former player and captain of the Dutch national team who now handles the south african club, Orlando Pirates.

Meanwhile, personal assistant Riedl, Wolfgang Pikal, was surprised when associated certainty confirmed coach Riedl became Indonesia. "Just five minutes ago I spoke with Riedl, but there is no certainty of contract. I am also waiting for the latest info from PSSI, "he said.

Previously, PSSI will promise to give a decision early March, so the team can start training this month as well. "If you like this, maybe a new team formed April. We must begin with the first selection, "said Pikal.

Riedl is one of the experienced trainers. He has worked with several teams. The former Austria coach was also dealing with the national team several times. Besides Vietnam and Laos, he'd refine the Palestinian national team and Liechnstein.

Here is a Riedl coaching career :

Austria (90-91)
O. Khouribga (93-94)
AL Zemalek (94-95)
Liechnstein (97-98)
Vietnam (2003-2004)
Palestine (2004-2005)
Vietnam (2005-2007)
Hao Mang Pong XI (2008-2009)
Laos (2009)
Indonesia (2010 -....?)

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