Indonesia Tourism is demand in Europe

A conducive political situation and the success of police stifle the perpetrators of terrorism assessed by the International Tourismus Borse participants 10 to 14 March in Berlin, Germany, as a guarantee that Indonesia is safe to visit. According to the Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik, European society began again glanced Indonesia as a tourist destination.

Indonesia's tourism minister said Indonesia had made some improvement tourist attraction. including in the field of hygiene, safety, and comfort for visitors tour Indonesia

Indonesia equality in this exhibition is supported by 80 entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. During the five-day exhibition, they capture the potential tourists, both individuals and groups. Overall, during the five-day exhibition, the Indonesian delegation had made a commitment of 149 thousand prospective European tourists. They will travel to Indonesia during this year. This achievement increases when compared to last year which earned just 78 thousands of tourists

In this exhibition, The Indonesian tourism ministery showing slides of the various indigenous cultures Indonesia

It also displayed the original traditions of Indonesia, in the form of embroidery. Demonstration and exhibition of this embroidered extraordinary attention from the visitors by trying to explore these traditions. In addition, the government also presented the Counter Indonesian Coffee coffee served to visitors.

Indonesia this year increased equality, a good number of entrepreneurs who participate or who rented the room. Overall, the design of the Pavilion of Indonesia is dominated by a bright color display photographs that illustrate the typical culture, such as the Prambanan Temple and the icons Bali.

Visitors are also treated to exhibitions of batik. This is expected to increasingly introduce batik to the international world