Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare by Nasution

As the people of Indonesia, you must be familiar with a general named Abdul Haris Nasution, the general who had led the division Siliwangi. He is one of Indonesia's best generals. He is a powerful figure, strong, full of spirit of nationalism, and has a brilliant brain. He is the author of the phenomenal book in the military world, "Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare"

In the Revolution of Independence I (1946-1948), when he led the Division Siliwangi, Nasution took the second lesson. People need to support the military. From this reason,was born the idea of guerrilla warfare as a form of people's war. This method is more mature after Nasution became the Commander of Java military division in the Revolution of Independence II (1948-1949).

therefore, he is known as a pioneer of the basic guerrilla war against the Dutch colonialism. Style of this war and then popularized by General Sudirman. The concept of guerrilla warfare was later published in a book that is phenomenal at that time, Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare.

now, the book Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare, has been translated into many languages, even the obligatory books of military academies in several countries, including the elite school for the military world, the West Point of the United States (U.S.).

and you know,one of the secrets of vietnamese victory when fighting against Americans is because the vietnamese army was learned this book.Now, this book is become a reference book of military schools around the world.