The Largest Sundial in The World

Sundial is a clock that uses the sun shadow method to determine the time. sundial usually consists of a circle and the object in the middle of the circle. when the sun illuminates the object, then the shadow will fall into the circle. we can determine the time based on the position of the shadow falling objects.

during the time, people think that Stonehenge was the largest sundial in the world, but there sundial that larger than Stonehenge, there is Kota Baru Parahyangan's sundial. This clock was named as the largest sundial in Indonesia in 2002. and then also set as the largest sundial in the world.

These hours consist of a large room that serves as a pivot and also needle hour. in this room there is a museum of technology that can be visited freely by anyone. this sundial is located in Padalarang in west district of west bandung.