Indonesian Batik

Batik originated from the Javanese language "amba", meaning to write and "titik" that meaning to point.Batik is the art of drawing on cloth to get a picture and a beautiful color on the cloth.

batik's motif

Batik technique has been known for thousands of years ago. There is no historical information is quite clear about the origin of batik. Some suspect this technique comes from the Sumerian, then developed in Java after being taken by Indian traders. Currently batik can be found in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, and Iran. Besides in Asia, batik is also very popular in some countries in the continent of Africa. However, a very famous batik in the world is batik from Indonesia, mainly from Java. And the cities that become a symbol of batik is Yogyakarta, Solo, and pekalongan

Batik's theme is formed by colour wax using a tool called a canting for subtle motifs, or brush for large motifs, so that the liquid wax to seep into the fabric fibers. Fabrics that have been painted with wax and then dyed with the desired color, usually starting from a young colors. Immersion and then taken to another motif with color or black older. After some time coloring process, which has dibatik cloth dipped in chemicals to dissolve the wax

drawing the batik's motif

Batik is very popular in earlier times, but now batik culture began to rise. Moreover, on 2 October 2009, UNESCO decided that batik is a world heritage that comes from Indonesia.

Even now many foreign leaders who feel comfortable wearing a batik, like Bill Gates, Zidane, Jessica Alba, Nelson Mandela, Carlos Santana, Jason Mraz, and many more

Bill Gates

Eugene Karspersky

Zinedine Zidane

Nelson Mandela

Carlos Santana

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