Artalyta Suryani's Luxury Prison

The pictures below is one proof of how unfair the justice for those who tried in the country that this was unfair. How not, imagine if a thief steals terpakasa chicken to feed her child should be imprisoned in a cramped room and with the cold floor, but it is different if an embezzler who stole billions of rupiah instead triliuanan even imprisoned in such a luxurious prison, ,

Here is a picture of the prisoners are sentenced Artalyta Suryani prison for 5 years because the BLBI cases in Pondok Bambu's Jail

imagine, there are plasma TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, and gymnasium in the prison. whereas for the poor, prison like a dingy rat cages and cold,, its very very very unfair

Try to compare it with the other women prisoners below.,, Will be seen how just how much social inequality in this country