Indonesia, The first Asian country in World Cup

In badminton championships, Indonesia may be practically as one of the greatest strengths (of course with china), but in a soccer championship, Indonesia still could not speak. Tven in the Fifa rankings, Indonesia was never better than 70th rank.

But there is one which prides record in football Indonesia, Indonesia is the first Asian country to perform at the world Cup. Precisely in the 1938 World Cup held in French.


At that time, Indonesia was one of the Dutch colonies, so the national team was not using the name "Indonesia". The National team use the "Netherlands East Indies" name. But, most players are native Indonesia (plus a few Dutch players and China)

The National team consisting of Bing Mo Heng (goalkeeper), Herman Zommers, Franz Meeng, Isaac Pattiwael, Frans Pede Hukom, Hans Taihattu, Pan Hong Tjien, Jack Sammuels, Suwarte Soedermandji, Anwar Sutan, and Nawir who also serves as captain

In the playoffs, the Dutch East Indies directly facing a tough team, Hungary, who then grabbed the runner-up position.

There are Not much information is obtained about the game at Stade Velodrome municipale, Reims, June 5, 1938, the. That game only seen by 9000 people, the Dutch East Indies could not do much and had to leave early after hit by Hungary 6-0 run over.


And although Indonesia has not put a name and immediately was decisively defeated, but that's the history of Indonesia, which became the first Asian country in World cup