Facts about tsunami 2004 in Indonesia

Seven years ago (26 Desember 2004), a devastating tsunami destroyed the Indian Ocean region, precisely around the island of Sumatra, India, and Sri Lanka. Behind this disaster, there are some interesting facts about the 2004 tsunami that destroyed Indonesia's Aceh region:

Tectonic earthquake measuring 8.5 Richter scale (Some experts say 9.1 on the Richter scale) magnitude centered in the Indian Ocean (2.9 north latitude and 95.6 east longitude), at a depth of 20 km (in the sea, is about 149 km south of Meulaboh, Aceh, Indonesia).


The earthquake was accompanied by a tidal wave (tsunami) that swept some offshore areas in Indonesia (Aceh and North Sumatra), Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives and Thailand.

After the earthquake, thetousand of fish in the sea are drawn to the beach, it makes a lot of people flocked to the shore to find fish, and they do not realize that a very powerful tsunami is coming soon, so most of them can not save themselves.

From several countries affected by the tsunami, Indonesia is a country with the worst damage, followed by Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India.

The number of victims who died in the 2004 tsunami tragedy has reached 168,183 people, 115,229 of them are citizens of Indonesia (from Aceh and North Sumatra).

In this tragedy, there is an interesting story about Martunis, a young Acehnese journalists who photographed by the camera while it is to survive the swift water of the Tsunami, at that time, Martin dressed Portugal national team, his picture became famous and he was honored to be invited by the Portuguese national team watch Portugal national team matches.


Tsunami wave heights reached 30 feet in Indonesia, while in India and Sri Lanka reached 20 meters