Mount Sinabung in Indonesia Erupts After 400 Years of Being Inactive

Indonesia Volcano: Mount Sinabung Erupts After 400 Years – Mount Sinabung, a sleeping volcano in western Indonesia wake up today and spews hot lava and sand high into the sky and now, disturbing thousand of Indonesians to spend their night in lot of evacuation shelters.

It was reported that Mount Sinabung, a dormant volcano in North Sumathra, which is inactive for almost 400 years now can no longer hold hot lava and magma inside and finally wakes up this Sunday. Several witnesses said that the smoke and ash shot 1,500 miles into the air and as of this writing, the hot lava was already visible from several miles away.

The Indonesian officials reported that almost more than 19, 000 residences now were being evacuated from the slopes of Mount Sinabung and other surrounding areas.

Apparently, a local resident said that he panicked and ran when volcano started spewing lava “like a ball of fire”. The head of Indonesia’s volcanology and geology agency, Surono said that “We don’t know the character of this volcano because it’s been dormant for so long”

Suruno also added that the volcano had not erupted since 1600 and very little was known about the said volcano. The Indonesia is considered as among those countries which has been included in the Pacific Ring of Fire with almost 129 active volcanoes.