The Story of Fisherman in a Polluted River

Ciliwung River is known to be one of the most polluted rivers in Jakarta, despite being a lifeline for many poverty-stricken people. Overflowing with garbage and human waste, it has continued to be a painful reminder of how rapid urbanization caused severe environmental degradation in the country. Nevertheless, it remains to be the source of income for fishermen like Namin, who takes a two-hour commmute ride from his house in Ceger, Cikarang.

Previously, he worked in the market when he was 18 for two years. When he was 20, Namin left due to the lack of funds. namin began to earn money from catching ikan sapu sapu (sucker mouth fish). He started to fish since the beginning of 204 untill now. Namin use a net that's throw into the water yo catch the fish and wait while hope to get the fish. For the equipment, he used to borrow from his friend that charged a rental fee.But them, he learned how to make his own fishing equipment, and if the net was broken, i'll made a new net.

In one day, Namin can catch 5-6 kilograms of fish (1$ per kilos), so he can get 6$ per day (60.000 rupias).Usually, he sell the fish to a trader in Cikarang. This money is used to provide food for his wife and child. Despite health concerns it raises, he continues to keep fishing simply because of one reason: to provide food for his family.

Reference : The Jakarta Post