Indonesian Cartoon Museum

March 13 2010 is a historic date for Indoneisan cartoon, because at the date, The Indonesian Cartoon Museum was inaugurated by senior Indonesian cartoonist such as Priyanto Sunarto, Pramono R. Pramooedjo, Jango Peramartha, Praba Pangripta and Cece Riberu and Initiated by Istio Ad (The Owner and Manager of Jangkrik85, famous cartoon t-shirts manufacturer from Bali).

Indonesian cartoon Museum (Museum Kartun Indonesia) is The first Cartoon museum and only one in southeast asia. Indonesia Cartoon Museum is located on 85 Sunset Kuta Bali street (adjacent to the jangkrik85). In Indonesian Cartoon Museum, you can see the various collections of cartoons that produced by the Indonesian talented cartoonists like Pramono R Pramoedjo, GM Sudarta, Dwi Koendoro, and Jango Paramartha.

You can also learn how to make T-shirts cartoons, how to draw cartoons, and other cartoon training that organized by Jangkrik85. So if you're going holiday to Bali, do not forget to visit Indonesia Cartoon Museum.